(pronounced leyelah)

Laila is ACA registered and was our first Coton female. She is mostly black with exception of parts of her chest, feet, some of her snout along with her adorable eyebrows. We brought her home when she was 8 weeks old and raised with the whole family. Laila is affectionate and such a sweetheart. We suspected she would make a wonderful mom and she definitely fulfills all our expectations in that regard.

Laila loves to run around the yard and also play relentlessly with our other Coton, as well as being groomed by the family Anatolian. When she’s inside, she is by someone’s side and loves to be within petting distance of anyone she can. Submissively sweet, Laila has made a family happy with the hours of play and snuggle-time.

Our female Coton got her name from a Hebrew greeting. In this ancient language, Lilah means night. When said as a greeting or departing gesture, this word is put together with Tov, meaning good. So we can look at our black dog, being reminded of night-time and always tell her, “Lialia Tov” or good night!


Phlox is our sire. He is ACA registered and has champion bloodlines. We got him when he was 4 months from a family who couldn’t take care of him, and were delighted for him to have a better home. This pup has some class. Most of us love to walk in to see Plox sitting and looking over his domain. He has an incredibly regal stature and reminds us constantly why we love this breed.

Phlox is a character, as he loves to play and run around with just about anyone who will play or with any of his canine pals, but Phlox’ favorite toy is a rag (specifically, the one your using)! Like most Cotons, he really just loves to be with us and to hang out with the family.

Many ask where he got his name, or why he was named Phlox. Simply, the breed when allowed to grow their hair long, look like flowing white. We thought of the flowing white wildflowers and named our favorite guy accordingly.