Rocky Top Pups is located in Monteagle, TN on a family farm, which includes over 20 acres of wooded and open areas. This mountaintop home affords the space for all the animals to run, play, and have the pet freedom to learn and grow. The idea of keeping any of our best friends in small, confined spaces for hours on end completely turns us off. All Rocky Top Pups get to have supervised outdoor and indoor fun, learning social skills with other animals, small children, family members, and others as we raise them to be socially integrated and whole.

Care for each of the dogs and puppies is a priority. After all, they are part of the family! Each special pup is unique and is treated as one-of-a-kind. With proper vet check-ups, timely vaccinations, and ongoing health maintenance, Rocky Top Pups are guaranteed healthy and a bundle of joy. Each pup is groomed on a regular basis, and fed food that has been researched to be some of the best puppy and adult dog kibble available.

We have a great relationship with our local town veterinarian, and we are pleased that each and every pup is passed to their forever home with the confidence of good health and official records. In addition, all moms and dads are given regular exams at the vet’s office, kept up-to-date on all vaccines and de-worming protocols, and are watched carefully for any signs of irregularities.

Rocky Top Pups is a family, pups and all. We are seven homeschooled children strong, with two in college and three in high school. All family members help with puppy training to ensure future pet owners a well-rounded command structure that includes children. Moreover, we consistently have kennel talks to make adjustments as needed to any and every part of our system. This ensures the best care for each and every dog and pup.

We are dedicated to helping each lovable puppy find their forever home. Our hope is that each loving new parent finds joy and entertainment with their new family member.

Give us a call or drop us an email with any questions. We would love to hear from you! And remember, if you are interested in getting a Rocky Top Pup, don’t delay. There may be a waiting list, so give us a call soon!